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Haunted Sub at Impossible Escape Hesperia Escape Rooms Escape Room Game Hesperia Escape Rooms Casino at Impossible Escape Hesperia Escape Rooms
Warwick's Lair at impossible Escape Hesperia

Warwick’s Lair

The Royal Suite at Impossible Escape Hesperia

Stark Lab

The Triton Escape Room at Impossible Escape Hesperia

Haunted Submarine

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Gov. Hogan’s COVID Requirements: Per Current Order: Can Escape Rooms Be Open? ​Yes. As long as no more than 10 persons are in an escape room at one time, that different groups making reservations are not grouped together, and all persons ​comply with all Mandatory Health & Safety Protocols (including masking) these businesses can operate. Masks are required upon entry, exit and when outside of the escape room, per CDC guidelines. Please stay home if you have symptoms.