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A safe and fun way to raise funds for your program

Want something fun to promote for your next fundraiser? How about offering our escape rooms?




*Monday and Tuesday availability for team building/large groups.  Please call to schedule a private event.

Looking For a New Fundraising Opportunity?

Escape Room games are all about family, fun, and team / group bonding.

We provide an immersive and family-friendly experience for our guests. This, along with our desire to support community activities and groups, make us the perfect fundraising partner.

Let’s us help you meet and/or exceed your fundraising goals!

Your group can choose between having a fundraising night at our escape room location, or selling vouchers to be used at any time… or both!

For each escape room admissions ticket sold by your group, you will receive a $10.00 donation back towards your fundraising goal.

Call us at (760) 998-2120 for more information, or fill out the contact form

Individual admissions or private escape rooms for groups are available.

I want to raise money for my group

Email or call us for more information for raising money for your group at Impossible Escape Hesperia