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Impossible Escape Hesperia FAQ

Q: What is an escape room?

A: An escape room is one or more physical rooms that are decorated and designed with a theme. For example, a Mayan jungle or museum. Inside the escape room are a series of clues and puzzles that players must solve in order to escape the room within 60 minutes. A guide will provide some hints to aide your escape attempt.

Q: Are escape rooms all 60 minutes?

A: No, but most are 60 minutes. Often you can get extra time if you need it. The time will go by very quickly as you share the fun trying to escape.

Q: How old you have to be to play?

A: At the Impossible Ewscape in Hesperia, you must be at least 12 years old to play. Anyone 12-17 must be accompanied by at least one person age 18 or older.

Q: Can I play more than one room in a visit?

A: As long as the rooms are available, you can.

Q: Can I have a birthday party at the Impossible Escape?

A: Yes. Call us for details.

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